Why Signs?


Why signs?

It’s true, most aspiring artists probably don’t prize the potential commercial applications of their talents all that highly. Signs, after all, are something that most people absolutely take for granted, a day-to-day reality of the working world around them. In fact, I’d venture that most aren’t even truly conscious of the signage they encounter, unless it’s hard to follow, in need of improvement, or particularly noticeable.

But, then, that’s sort of the point!

Signs are an incredible, engaging blend of the mechanical, of engineering, art, and blue collar work. Whether you’re developing a series of wayfinding signs for a school or hospital, drafting and installing real estate signs for a realtor to display on her newest properties, or printing custom vinyl decals for a fleet of delivery trucks, you get to apply a myriad of different skills to create a product you can be proud of, AND subtly shape the perceptions countless people have of a brand, a building, or even an idea – all by the virtue of your art. If you ask me, there are precious few ways for an artist to get their work in front of such a large guaranteed audience, and making a living at it, to boot!

I have always and will continue to work on my photography, my oil painting, and my other artistic endeavors in my personal life, but I count myself lucky to have landed in a profession where I get to apply my talents and my passions every single day. The feeling you get when you’re driving down a highway, visiting a café, or going to a park, and you happen to spot some of your handiwork is a special and fulfilling one. The opportunity to remain engaged and challenged, constantly learning from my colleagues, is one I’ve been very lucky to have. Driving through Central Texas, particularly through Austin, the city I call home, reminds me every day of the tangible rewards of my work, and I look forward to the developments Adventure Sign & Graphics will help me bring!